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Whether a major corporation, small business or start-up, your intellectual property matters.  Your name, your technology, your creativity, your reputation.  Your investment.

Our attorneys have represented some of the largest and most aggressive players in the intellectual property arena as associate counsel in what was one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the world.  Their experience was derived from being part of a team of lawyers whose job it was to procure, protect, enforce and defend the patents, trade secrets, trademarks, tradenames, distinctive product design and packaging, and creations of companies to whom it mattered, very much.

But cost matters, too.  And so does personal attention, especially in this era defined by the demise of the intellectual property boutique firm that specialized solely in intellectual property law and related fields.  Many have now been consumed by the large general practice firm which, counter-intuitively, has forced many of these lawyers to focus ever more closely upon one narrow aspect of intellectual property, be it a single industry, such as fashion apparel or generic pharmaceuticals or computer software, or a specific area of the law, such as trade secret litigation, chemical patent procurement, or consumer product design protection.  We provide the broad view toward finding the right solution to your specific problem.

We have the tools and experience to address your specific needs.  Our attorneys' experience ranges from fashion apparel to electronic tools, from polypropylene compounds to bicycles and windsurfers, from vibrating beam accelerometers to athletic shoe designs, from telecommunications to food, wine and agricultural products, from market research methods to monoclonal antibodies, pharmaceutical devices to ink jet cartridges, scuba equipment to cosmetics, and more.

We pride ourselves in being intellectual property generalists, if you will, who can appreciate the client's problems, and aspirations, in their proper business context.  What intellectual property does a client have, or what might it develop?  How and to what extent should it be protected?  What are the costs?  When is it cost-effective to enforce those rights?  What can the client do for itself?  We work closely with our clients and are keenly aware of their risk tolerances.  We put our resources to work to provide answers to these questions and more, to identify and solve the client's problems, to help the client to find the direction intellectual property should take in the success of its business.

We are ready to evaluate your intellectual property, make recommendations concerning its protection, oversee the transfer of your technology and good will, help you to avoid infringing the rights of others, as well as to enforce your rights in the courts and at our borders and to respond in your defense to the legal complaints of others.

Our offices are located in New York, New York, at Verdi Square on Manhattan's Upper West Side, only blocks from Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Central Park and the Hudson River at Riverside Park and minutes by subway to Foley Square, hub of the the most respected and experienced courts in the nation: the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the State of New York.  We also regularly practice before the United States Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C.

Yet our virtual office has no limits.  We have maintained our nationwide practice in the true tradition of an intellectual property boutique, traveling and securing admission pro hac vice in federal courts coast-to-coast.  Our versatility has been enhanced by the federal courts' and the USPTO's electronic filing systems, saving our clients much time and expense.  We not only service the international intellectual property community but, through a network of foreign legal intellectual property associate firms, meet the international needs of our clients.

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